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Tattoo Stencil

Tattoo Stencil Tattoo Stencil
Product name:Tattoo Stencil
We have more than 2000 stencils with durable and reusable material and they are arranged in 20 books.
ranging from animals to flowers, from cartoons to tribales, from Zodiac symbols to Chinese characters ,from bracelets to necklaces.
What is more, they are self-adhesive so that you do not need to hold stencil with hand while spraying. Just stick the stencil on the cleaned skin then spray. So our stencils are much easier to control than the rest. We could make your stencils according to your requirement.
Each page of airbrush tattoo stencils are:
Individually cut;are re-usable;huge range of popular designs;biggest design is 29.5cm x 21cm (11.6 in x 8.3 in) in books 5,6,13
We would appreciate it if you are interest our product.and when you have question.we welcome you feel free to contact us.we will back you within 24 hours.Thank you!

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