At Tailong Tattoo equipment we structure our business around a "partnership philosophy"This philsophy not only ensure that our every item is the finest possible to compliment  our superior product.but also means that we treat each client as a partner.like a team.someone that is vital to the growth and success of our business in a very demanding industry.
The main products of our enterprise:tattoo needle.disposable grip&tip.stainless steel grip&tip.Power unit and Power accessory.various tattoo accessory.tattoo kit.etc..OEM make.Can be according to customer,attractive design,material,size are available.

Our enterprise will be following the social economy step,bodyart industry trend. complying with tattoo artist requirements.We welcome bright, brilliant and flourishing future with more confidence .
The nature of your business is dependent on speed and quality. Delays cost money and customers. We understand this,and will eradicate the problems by manufacturing and  supplying equipment to clientele to reply on our standards.that is always adhered to customer demand-oriented, pursue a win-win principle, do our best to serve all customers.

we're passionate about what we do.constantly improve product standards and customer service.and then you are able to establish more customer from our this operation.once you success.we success.You would not have entered bodyart industry if your weren't strived to success,

In the future,we will,as always cooperate with new and old customers, hand in hand for mutual development!

Sales Director
Tailong Tattoo Supply Co.,Ltd